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Bug Tracking Module in Zoho Projects


  • We are introducing a new Bug Tracking Module on top of Zoho Projects
  • This is built on top of existing collaboration capability of Zoho Projects
  • Additional details here.
  • Video is available here.
  • This module will be available @ http://projects.zoho.com
  • We are currently offering the module along with Zoho Projects (plus Wiki + Group Chat) for an annual price of $60.



Zoho Projects allows teams to collaborate and get things done. And today we are excited to announce the addition of an extra piece of functionality: The Bug Tracking module. Now teams can collaborate and get software projects done, taking advantage of all the other collaboration tools that Zoho Projects has to offer. No software product is ever perfect. Bugs and improvements are an unavoidable part of any technology product. But what really makes a difference is how these bugs are tracked, prioritized and fixed.

Zoho Projects' Bug Tracking module is a powerful issue submission and bug tracking system that helps organizations and teams submit, track and fix software bugs.  

Submit Bugs
We all know that a bug report is more useful the more factual and detailed it is. When using Zoho Projects' Bug Traking module, users have multiple ways to tell the team what and where the bugs are. The rich text editor is just the start - a user can also attach multiple files (screenshots, movies and pretty much any other kind of file) that might help the developers fix the issue. In addition, the user might also choose to enter more specific information, for example, what particular software module this bug is related to, of how severe this issue is. When submitting a bug, the user also has an option to assign the bug to a particular user and setting a number of other configurable flags.

You can also define your own rules that will enable you to organize the bugs and perform actions such as changing the severity, priority, module and assigning the issue to a user when there is a change in the bug status.

Track Bugs 
We offer several ways for the team to track all the bugs related to a project. The Bugs list offers at-a-glance view of the bugs bugs that have been recently opened, and offers multiple filtering options (by status, owner, severity, etc). Keeping track of the actions for each bug is easy in the History section, which shows what changes each bug has gone through, by whom and when. Of course, the Bug Tracking module also allows you to find the issue you are looking for with advanced search options.

A flexible workflow pattern lets you define your own workflow, for example, when to get notifications, what the different status for a bug can be, etc. You can define custom workflows for different departments, groups, projects and even specific bug types. In addition, you can change the default workflow as per your project requirements.

Fix Bugs
No, Zoho Projects will not fix the bug for you... you still need to reproduce and debug by yourself. But it will make that process a LOT easier. By using all the tools that Zoho Projects has to offer, such as the built-in chat, discussion forums, Project Stream and more, your team can easily collaborate and find a solution for all the existing bugs. Other Zoho tools, such as Zoho Assist (that allows for screen sharing and remote control), take that one step further. 

More info about this new module is @ http://www.zoho.com/projects/issue-tracking-software.html.

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