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Zoho Integrates Google Apps sign in


Last year we enabled users to sign-in to Zoho using Google or Yahoo accounts. This was very well received and a good percentage of our users use this option to login to Zoho. We are now extending this option to Google Apps. Thanks to recent enhancements to Google Apps sign-in, users can now login to Zoho using Google Apps credentials.

When you try to login to Zoho, you'll notice a new 'Google Apps' option in the sign-in box. This option is now available in all Zoho Apps. If you are a Google Apps user, you can choose this option to sign-in to Zoho.


Once you provide your Google Apps domain name, you'll be redirected to Google to sign-in using your Google Apps credentials. Once you authorize accounts.zoho.com, you'll be logged in to Zoho directly.

If you are using Zoho for the first time using your Google Apps account, you'll be asked to choose a Zoho username. This option appears the first time you login.

We believe this sign-in level integration will allow businesses use Google Apps and Zoho Business Apps seamlessly.

While we compete with Google on some applications like productivity suite & email, we offer a broad range of business applications which complement Google Apps. Our business applications include Zoho CRM, Invoice, Meeting, Projects, Creator & more. With over 1 Million Businesses using Google Apps, the ability to sign-in to Zoho using their existing Google Apps credentials gives seamless single sign-on access to all Zoho Applications which complement Google Apps.

All Zoho Business Apps have a good free versions (not trial versions, but actual free versions).

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