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Introducing Zoho Recruit


IMP: This announcement is going out @ 6AM PST on Monday the 23rd. Please keep this information confidential till then.

Two months after we launched Zoho Discussions, we have a new addition to Zoho - Zoho Recruit. The application is available @ http://recruit.zoho.com

Zoho Recruit is designed to help HR Departments within organization for recruitment as well as staffing agencies.


Zoho Recruit has its roots in Zoho People's recruitment module. Now it is currently available as a separate application with many goodies (entire feature list is available here). Zoho People will evolve towards becoming a social application for businesses.

Zoho Recruit allows HR departments, Recruiting agencies and independent staffing professionals to:
  • Source and Reach Candidates. Gather resumes from multiple sources and do the initial filtering and resume screening more quickly - without weeding out the qualified candidates.
  • Manage Candidates and Resumes.  Manage resumes and track the candidates throughout the interviewing process. Zoho Recruit of course features a resume database. But beyond that, you can also schedule interviews, send automatic e-mail notifications and log candidate activities and notes. And once you've made a decision on a candidate you can "lock" him to avoid confusion with other positions or clients.
  • Create and Publish Job Openings. Collect resumes easily by creating and publishing the job openings in your website - and allow candidates to apply directly from there.
  • Parse Resumes. Populate resume information from different sources like social sites, mail attachments and more through and integration with ResumeGrabber. Oh - and Zoho Recruit customers get a very nice discount on ResumeGrabber.
  • Stay on top of what's going on. The activities stream allows recruiters and sourcers to stay on top of the recent and future activities. For example: what interviews are taking place today, who got hired recently, what new job openings do we have to fill?
  • Customize. No two recruiting processes are alike. Zoho Recruit can be fully customized to your needs. Create custom fields with our easy drag-and-drop UI (powered by Zoho Creator).
Complete list of features are available @ http://www.zoho.com/recruit/features.html

At Zoho, apart from offering apps that are used by all users in an organization (like EMail, Office Suite, Collaboration tools etc), we also offer  applications that also serve the needs of individual departments (CRM for Sales & Marketing, Recruit for HR Departments etc). All these apps are integrated so that businesses can run online on Zoho.

Zoho Recruit is free for 1 recruiter and the priced version is $12/recruiter/month. Additional details are available @ http://www.zoho.com/recruit/pricing.html

Additional Information

A Screenshot tour of Zoho Recruit is available here.

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