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Create Web Apps from your MS Access DB


Microsoft Access is basically a database application on the desktop. Zoho Creator is a powerful, scalable, and secure cloud computing platform that lets you build and run database applications online.  Some of our users call it as 'Microsoft Access + Visual Basic for the web'. So, what happens when you migrate data from Microsoft Access to Zoho Creator? Well, it can become a powerful web application. This is basically what we are doing with our announcement today. We are excited to announce the latest addition to our family of Microsoft plug-ins - Zoho Plug-in for Microsoft Access (EXE link).

Two weeks back, we integrated our collaborative productivity applications into Microsoft SharePoint. Last week, our project management application added the capability to import your existing projects from MS Project to Zoho Projects 2.0. This week, we have a new add-on that imports your data effortlessly from Microsoft Access to Zoho Creator and Zoho Reports and does much more.

So, what happens when you migrate your database (MDB file) from Microsoft Access to Zoho Creator? Your entire database structure and data are migrated to Zoho Creator and an application is automatically created with Forms (Tables) and Views etc. This is a quick way of creating a web-based collaborative database app from your non-collaborative Microsoft Access DB. Once the Microsoft Access DB is migrated to Zoho Creator, the collaborative aspects kicks in where the entire application (or parts of it) can be shared with multiple users.

To summarize the core functionality of this plug-in into three short points, this is what it does...
  • Migrates your Database from Microsoft Access (MDB File) to Zoho Creator & Zoho Reports
  • Automatically creates a web-based database app from your Microsoft Access database &
  • Allows you to share your applications with others
This video will give you a good idea on how this works...

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Zoho Creator platform offers more flexibility for your applications. Once you have your app migrated from your MDB file, you can edit your existing application online and can also add additional business logic using Deluge Script, our scripting language. The power of Deluge Script makes it easy to design business workflows and perform a variety of automated actions based on the criteria specified. If you have your app created and if you are not a Creator expert, but want to take advantage of our advanced functionality, we have many developers in our community who are willing to help you with your app. If you think your migrated application can be valuable for other users, you can also sell your application in Zoho Marketplace.

Once you have your app created in Zoho Creator, it can also be deployed onto Google AppEngine.

Migrate Microsoft Access DB to Zoho Reports:

This migration tool not only imports your data to Zoho Creator, but it can also import the data to Zoho Reports, our Online Business Intelligence tool that lets you analyze your data and create powerful reports including charts, pivot tables, dashboards etc., Once you have your data imported from Access, similar tables are automatically created in Zoho Reports and are available for analysis.

This Migration tool is available for free. So whether you want to create a web-based database app from your existing data, or analyze your data or share it with others, this migration tool makes it extremely easy.

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