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We have many Google & Google Apps users using Zoho Apps. We previously integrated Google Apps & Zoho at the sign-in level and now we are extending this to the applications. Today, we are announcing the integration between Google Docs & Zoho Apps. Below are the four key integrations.

  • Google Docs users can now attach files from Google Docs to Zoho CRM. This is supported in multiple modules (like Leads, Accounts, cases etc) of Zoho CRM
  • While composing emails in Zoho Mail, users can attach files directly from Google Docs
  • While Zoho Docs is an alternative to Google Docs, users have an option to upload files from Google Docs to Zoho Docs
  • Files from Google Docs can now be attached directly in Zoho Projects, our project management app
This presentation summarizes the integration.

Below are the details of our integration


We previously integrated Zoho and Google at Sign-on level (for both Google & Google Apps) and now, we are taking the integration to the application level.

Following a series of updates, Google Docs is now integrated with Zoho Applications - Zoho CRM, Mail, Docs & Projects. Let us look at each of these integrations in detail.

Zoho CRM & Google Docs Integration

Several Google Apps users use Zoho CRM. They use Gmail and Google Docs along with Zoho CRM. Integration with Google Docs allows you to attach documents from Google Docs to several modules in Zoho CRM like Leads, Contacts, Cases etc. When you try to attach a document from Google Docs, you'll be prompted to authenticate using your Google credentials (using oAuth). Once done, your documents from Google Docs are listed. 

Note that you have options to view all files or by type. You can also search for documents in the dialog. This 'Attach from Google Docs' dialog is consistent with 'Attach from Zoho Docs' option we already have in our applications.

Attached documents can be viewed using the respective Zoho applications.  

Attach Google Docs in Zoho Mail 

When you compose an email in Zoho Mail, we previously provided an option to attach documents from Zoho Docs. We are now extending this functionality to Google Docs as well. This means, while composing an email in Zoho Mail, you can attach files directly from Google Docs. 

Upload files from Google Docs to Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is a central document repository for all types of documents. We added an option to upload files directly to Zoho Docs from Google Docs.

We currently have a limit to upload only 5 files at a times. We plan to remove this restriction going forward. 

Attach files to your Projects from Google Docs

Zoho projects is another business application used by Google Apps users. We recently launched Zoho Projects for Google apps and we provided this same option to attach documents from Google Docs to the Documents module in Zoho Projects. 

We believe Google Docs integration with several Zoho Apps will provide seamless experience for users who use both Zoho and Google Apps. We will to continue to integrate Zoho Apps with Google.


Guest 2065 - days ago 
I am amazed once again to see that ZOHO deals with other produts than their own. Would not it make more sense to allow this integration between ZOHO DOCS and ZOHO CRM in a first step ? This request has been done a long time ago by ZOHO CRM users nad nothing has been done.
Raju Vegesna (Guest) 2064 - days ago 

Please note that CRM already has this feature included. When you try to attach a document to Zoho CRM, you'll now see both options - Attach from Zoho Docs and Attach from Google Docs.

This sounds great. A few questions:

1. Can you open Google Docs directly in Zoho Applications like Writer or a spreadsheet (as opposed to attaching them to Project or CRM)? Is there a translator?

2. Will Google reciprocate and allow you to copy Zoho App files to your Google docs?

3. When you attach a file to CRM or Project, can you open the file? Is it read-only or can you edit the opened Google Doc file (without going back to Google Apps)? Alternatively, if you click on a Google Doc file in CRM or Project, will the file open up in Google Docs for editing automatically?

4. In the future, do you expect to have live links between Google and Zoho? If you copy a file from Google to Zoho, could you make changes on the Google copy and have it automatically updated in Zoho? Vice versa? (That would be VERY impressive.)

Good work with what you've accomplished so far. Thanks.

Andy Brandt
Raju Vegesna 2064 - days ago 

- You can view open Google Docs in Zoho Apps after you attach them to Zoho Apps. There is no direct way to open these docs in Zoho Apps.

- Reg Google reciprocating this integration, unfortunately, I cannot answer this. If Google is willing to do something like this, we'd love to work with them. This will be a win for end users.

- When a file is attached from Google Docs to Zoho Apps, by default, these files can be opened in Zoho Apps. These files can also be edited and saved back to Zoho. There is no option to edit them using Google Apps.

- We certainly are looking at options to sync files between Google and Zoho. At this point, we are not sure how feasible this is, but I agree, it is going to an impressive feature. We are looking into it though.

Thank you for your feedback and really appreciate you comments.

Guest 2035 - days ago 
Hey Raju,

I am an academic and educationist. I am interested in this and anything that will make Cloud Learning Environment a reality.

This is a great move towards it.


Raju Vegesna (Guest) 2035 - days ago 
Thanks Manish.

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