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Introducing Zoho Discussions


Zoho Launches Zoho Discussions

If you noticed, so far this year we have been trigger-shy on new products - that's because we have been focusing on integration between our applications. But today is brand-new-product-day at Zoho. We're very excited to announce our newest product: Zoho Discussions


Zoho Discussions allows organizations to create external and internal communities where problems are solved, topics are discussed and ideas are exchanged. 

Businesses looking to add a good community software now have a new option in Zoho Discussions. Businesses can start using Zoho Discussions under their own domain and can customize it with their branding etc. There are two key ways Zoho Discussions can be used for your business. 

  • Customer Support Forums - Discuss with your customers on various topics
  • Internal Communities - Discussions with employees

You can try an example of the live version of Zoho Discussions @ our own discussion forum.


There are too many features to be listed here. We compiled a page with all the features here.


We can summarize these features in six broad areas:

  1. Community Engagement. Make it more attractive for your customers and users to keep coming back: Profiles, user labels, watch lists and more.
  2. Content Discoverability. with Zoho Discussions, content in your communities and forums is easy to find: Content organization, advanced search, RSS, SEO Options, Widgets (includes support for OpenSocial Widgets), etc.
  3. Branding. Take control of your brand and the customer experience in your community: Custom Domains, Branding Options, Custom Elements, Customizable look and feel, etc
  4. Topic Administration. Manage the lifecycle of your posts and discussions: Topic-specific voting, topic status, best answer/solution, announcements with expiration date and more.
  5. Rich User Experience. Your users will enjoy using your forums and community: WYSIWYG post editor, threaded conversations, drafts and previews, preference management, etc.
  6. Administration. Support more users with less community administrators: Fine grained access controls, auto spam, community-marked content, user management and more.

Pricing & Availability

Zoho Discussions is available immediately with a good free version. Standard version costs $25/month and Professional version is $75/month. Additional details on pricing are available here.


Eating our own dog food

We have been using Zoho Discussions internally and externally to interact with our customers. Zoho Forums that has been active for months is powered by Zoho Discussions. With over 20,000 posts and 40,000 responses, this is one of the active product forums.

Zoho Corp's other division ManageEngine has also been using the Discussions app to power their community with over 38,000 posts and 100,000 responses.

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