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Zoho Invoice 2 launches with new features and fresh new look


On Thu, Feb 11th @ 6 AM PST, we are announcing the availability of Zoho Invoice 2.0.


Key highlights of Invoice 2.0 release include...
  • Fresh new look
  • New Expenses Module
  • Multi-User Access
  • Open APIs
  • and more
A video of this release is available here.

Detailed information is available below.


There are several improvements in this release. But here are the ones that stand out.

Let us start with a video...

Improved User Interface

With this update, we completely redesigned our user interface making it very pleasant to use, easier to navigate and to accommodate new features we are introducing with this release. Building on the simplicity of our previous user interface, Zoho Invoice 2.0 boasts fresh new look, better navigation and customizable themes that allows you to completely customize the colors of the application.

Additional screenshots are available below.

New Expenses Module for Expense Recording & Invoicing

This new module is built for users who incur expenses on behalf of their customers. Zoho Invoice now lets users record the individual expenses they incur while serving their customers (like travel, material etc). The nice part is, with a single click they can create an invoice for all their expenses for each of their customers.

Additional features like applying Taxes, Multi-currency support, making an expense billable/non-billable are all available in this module. This module is available at no additional cost.

Multi-User Access - Invite, Share & Collaborate

The application now comes with organization support. This was one of the most requested features. Invoice 2.0, we now lets multiple users access and collaborate on invoices for a given account. There are two levels of permissions: Administrator and Staff, to help you better organize your information.

This functionality is now available under the 'Users' tab where you can manage users and their access permissions.


At Zoho, we try to open up APIs for most of our applications so that you can extend and integrate our applications into your internal workflow or with third party apps. With this update, we are opening up the APIs for Zoho Invoice and we hope to see you use it in interesting ways.

You can enable API access for your account under the 'Settings' tab.

Additional Features...

There are several other enhancements in Invoice 2.0. Other features include options like Email history which tracks your email exchanges with your clients and other users.


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