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This is a Zoho Wiki Page with few sub pages to demonstrate embedding capabilities of this Wiki and other stuff.

Embedding Examples:

Because Zoho Wiki uses Zoho Writer, the power of Zoho Writer comes in automatically. Here is a demonstration of Embedding feature in Zoho Wiki editor,

Currently when embedding other Zoho objects, it is copy and paste of HTML code. This process will be made simple in our future updates.

Features I like:

Apart from the ones mentioned above, I love some other features in Wiki. Here is my favorite list.
  • The versioning feature from Zoho Writer has been ported into Zoho Wiki as well. You can not only do a diff between versions, you can also revert back to previous versions as well.
  • The keyboard shortcuts which work in Zoho Writer also work in Zoho Wiki. After you are done editing a Wiki, use CTRL+S and it saved the page and takes you to view mode.
  • Spell Check - May not be sexy, but very useful

More Features:
  • All standard Wiki features
  • Each user can create upto 3 Wikis. Yes, each user will get three seperate domains for his Wikis. There is no limit to the number of pages you can have per each Wiki.
  • Talking about 3 free Wikis, one can be a public Wiki, one can be private and another one a Group Wiki.
  • Group functionality is another part that I think will be very useful. In addition to having your Wiki as public (by default) and private, you can make your Wiki be viewed and/or edited by a selected group of members
  • The Zoho Wiki uses the Zoho Single Sign-on, meaning you can use your existing Zoho ID to access it (no need for separate sign-up/in)
  • Did I mention that all this functionality is available for free?
If you wanna play with the Wiki, please do so in our demo account....and ofcourse if you have a Zoho account, your Wiki is waiting for you.

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